Koegel Trailer

Koegel-3 Koegel-2 Koegel-1

Updated for 1.22
Replace AeroDynamic

Authors: Rotruckers, dimka tomson, By_Kam’z, Matgamer


3 thoughts on “Koegel Trailer

  1. Thanks.
    Skinnable? Is it have a template?

    1. Faelandaea

      Nope. It is most certainly not skinnable. Also, the screenshots were careful not to show this, but on the other side of the trailer the textures are mirrored, so they appear upside down and backwards in the letters.

      PHYSICALLY it is a very nice trailer, so I plan to turn this into a personal mod and UI map her so she can be skinned 🙂

  2. It doesnt work for me!

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