Kogel Cool Maxx v 2.0

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– Standalone.
– Support for paintjob system.
– 4K template included.
– 3 Separated skinpacks (approx. 60 skins).
– AO.
– LOD model.
– Lowpoly shadow model.
– Correct logistic (added cargoes from all 3 DLC, specially for reefer trailer)
– Lightmask.

Trailer – Rockwell, Snaip, Ventures87, axelrol Skins: DaStig, Alexander Bykov, Sergey Popkov. Wheels: abasstreppas.


5 thoughts on “Kogel Cool Maxx v 2.0

  1. Mod from 13.08.2016

    1. works on 1.31 and has a connection to cables

  2. Heaven and Hell

    Is this for v1.30, v1.31 or both of them?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. JGaming HD

    Hd video ….

  4. Can you update this trailer please i love this trailer please update to 1.34 or 1.35 thank you

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