Kogel Maxx V 1.0


Tested on
Replace all trailers.



9 thoughts on “Kogel Maxx V 1.0

  1. You shouldn’t have made it replace all trailers

  2. replace all trailers??? what is this for sh…. sorry make it standalone

  3. Martinchik

    if you open file, it says “container” .
    So please, what is right now ?

    1. It replaces all trailers except coolliner and aerodynamik 😉

  4. volvo 213 next rookie kiddie ####

  5. The model itself is a nice model, just wish that it had some new cargos to haul instead of replacing everything like the Weilton Mega trailer

  6. Apferreira Truckman

    I spend all week thinking here with me, “which leads a man to do such a thing”

  7. Hi nice trailer, does anyone know how to skin this? thanks

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