Kogel Mega Blue Trailer

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-Version 1.27.x
-HQ texures
Have fun!

Drozd Yaroslav


6 Responses to Kogel Mega Blue Trailer

  1. jorgent97 says:

    HD Test video… youtu.be/qkHK9NGJZWU

  2. Rudi says:

    if you make a video test, why you not show all warnings and errors too?

  3. Rudi says:

    yes, some yellow logs not a big problem, but if you get always new log entreys if a vehicle get spotted again, then you will get one day a problem. the problem will be game stuttering. and then the people start crying how bad this game is. game stuttering you get to 99% from if trailers have a big size, and if they write always warnings in your log.
    but i think most player will never understud that.
    just go on and play with ####### reuploaded mods from 2015, like this one.
    have fun.

  4. Christian says:

    Lisence plates from the right cties would be better than just russian license plates

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