Korean City Name v 2.2


Tested on 1.30.x

Change in v2.2
– Update Korean patch for ProMods 2.26
– Bugs fixed

Mods changes city names of this map mods and ets2(DLCs) to Korean:
– Original ets2 map
– Going East DLC
– Scandinavia DLC
– Vive la France! DLC
– ProMods 2.26
– ScandinaviaMod 0.3
– Poland Rebuilding 2.1
– RusMap 1.8
– The Great Steppe 1.0.3
– Southern Region 6.5.0

Load Order
– ets2(DLCs)
Place what you need Korean patch bottom in Mod Manager.
– Map Mods
Place what you need Korean patch above def file of each map mod in Mod Manager.

Sorry for my English.




4 thoughts on “Korean City Name v 2.2

  1. whdals6114

    Can you translate the DLC in Italy?

    1. 100floors

      Sorry, but I can’t because I don’t have DLC Italy.

  2. SeoryeongEagles

    Southen Region Map 7.0.0 is just released today. Can you update this mod which is compatible with SRM 7.0.0?

    1. 100floors

      어제 업데이트 되었습니다. 확인해주세요

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