Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for Next Gen Scania by Kast & Siperia

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Game version 1.31.x
Mod is based on Scania R & S by RJL Tandem – ByCapital mod & tandem addon for RJL Scania RS and R4 – by Kast.

Mod will add:
Ekeri box
Ekeri parts
NTM box
NTM parts
3 tandem chassis
VBG hook
Domar fenders
Parlok fenders
Cables support
And more

For full support:

Kast, Capital, Flemming V, Nordisch, abasstreppas, Siperia, Asphroxia


16 Responses to Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for Next Gen Scania by Kast & Siperia

  1. Sascha says:

    I have errors with the Scania S 8×4 chassis and the spoilers when i install this mod

  2. Strannik75 says:

    When you select a tandem chassis the game crashes.

  3. Ady89 says:

    Crash for me!

  4. Tronic says:

    Works perfectly! Nice!

  5. dogbaby says:

    lol fake mod
    mode use game crash!!!

    • Siperia says:

      Tandem mod by kast is required, it clearly reads so in the info..

    • zippe says:

      no fake mod,mod works very well!!! if your game crash go to the SCS forum,you need also the RJL tandem addon and the right trailers for this mod!! you can all download at SCS forum!

    • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

      It doesn’t crash. I think, you doing wrong 😉

  6. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test video…

  7. Siperia says:

    That is something I can’t do anything about, as the 8×4 somehow decides to use my cabs. But after you choose the 8×4 chassis from SCS, select a new cab,the most bottom one. Should work after that.

  8. marcin says:

    Jak mam wrzucic tego moda bez scs

  9. CristianB says:

    File not found………….GG

  10. trucker says:

    mod is removed

  11. 4529logistics says:

    the base mod required for this, the scania r & s by rjl tandem requires a mod, the scania r & streamline modification v2.2.1 is optimized for version 1.28 of the game. will this work? if there is an updated version can you give me a link? i wanna play this badly but it might crash my game

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