Kraker Walkingfloor Pack v 1.0

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OK, here it is! Next big update for this mod!
Trailer is Kraker Walkingfloor with 3 types of trailers. Standard, scandinavian type and with tail-lift.

-Game version 1.27.xx

-Advanced coupling
-Trailer lift axle
-Steer axle
-Company paintjob system
-Animated braces
-Ai Traffic
-LOD Models

Changes for v0.2
-Fixed shadows

Changes for v1.0
-3 type of trailers
-steer axle for the scandinavian trailer
-animated braces
-LOD models
-AI traffic
-New Skins
-New Wheels
-bug fixes and improvements

Before activating a mod, make sure you dont have active job with the Kraker trailer. It may crash, just finish last job!
Older skins you have made. Need .tobj edit. One folder name has changed to kraker2 !!!

I whant to give huge thanks to Nordisch for offering help with the skins, this make the trailer tripel cool 😀
Huge thanks to Bora for the wheels and Abasstreppas for taking the time to adjust the shadows!
And thank Scs forum community and people who are active to help people, share info about moding!

(Please do not reupload. If you want to share mod use original link)
Unpack zip file and copy .scs file to mod folder

Kast, Nordisch, Bora, Abasstreppas


2 thoughts on “Kraker Walkingfloor Pack v 1.0

  1. Nice mod! Thank you for updating it. I have one issue with it though… I cannot find it in game :/

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

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