KrAZ 206 update


YouTube preview

Offer you adapted to the new version of the KrAZ 260 from Anton Aronson

Added rims and tires
Fixed most of the bugs
Contains two models in the same fashion, both written in MAN
Your sound
Prescribed starting(in the gallery)
A large number of tuning

Tested on 1.18

Nikon oleinichenko, il_86


5 thoughts on “KrAZ 206 update

  1. AlexCrazy

    Kraz 260, not 206 ^)

  2. The video is perfect, but I (not) take the path of thousands of kilometers.
    My head would fall apart. q:-)

  3. ###??? Tanker trailer from ATS??

  4. Walter Plinge

    Cheers for uploading this.

    Is it possible to make them do more than 35 to 40 MPH.


  5. vishav1996

    plz update for version 1.21

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