KrAZ 255 [1.30.x] [upd: 12.03.18]

– Autonomous
– Dealer Volvo
– Interior-enabled DLC Cabin
– Sounds
– Your wheels
– Tuning
– Clean log
– Tank 1000 liters
– Engines with torque curves
– Standard and high-speed transmission

Changes 12.03.18:

– Updated and improved registration characteristics of engines, added the original diesel YAMZ-238.
– I tried to improve the adaptive mode of the gearbox for low-power engines.
– A little more than variants of the KP.
– Significantly reduced gloss internal parts of the cabin, and it was almost like a mirror.
– The truck is registered in a separate slot Volvo dealership and now does not replace anything.
– Minor bug fixes.

Mod tested on game version 1.28 and 1.30.

_69_mf_, Анатолий7469, cepkoc, kv0


5 Responses to KrAZ 255 [1.30.x] [upd: 12.03.18]

  1. Falkon says:

    Mod 03/2017 … nothing new, same bugs

  2. Kaloyan says:

    Great mod!!! Thanks for update! Please make this truck compatibility with ATS.

  3. MissingGhost says:

    Do we get regular height fifth wheel? Or only high fifth wheel?

  4. RiflerGamer says:

    Test video:

  5. ChrisKiss82 says:

    No engine Sound after speed up

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