KrAZ 255 [1.30.x] [upd: 12.03.18]

– Autonomous
– Dealer Volvo
– Interior-enabled DLC Cabin
– Sounds
– Your wheels
– Tuning
– Clean log
– Tank 1000 liters
– Engines with torque curves
– Standard and high-speed transmission

Changes 12.03.18:

– Updated and improved registration characteristics of engines, added the original diesel YAMZ-238.
– I tried to improve the adaptive mode of the gearbox for low-power engines.
– A little more than variants of the KP.
– Significantly reduced gloss internal parts of the cabin, and it was almost like a mirror.
– The truck is registered in a separate slot Volvo dealership and now does not replace anything.
– Minor bug fixes.

Mod tested on game version 1.28 and 1.30.

_69_mf_, Анатолий7469, cepkoc, kv0


5 thoughts on “KrAZ 255 [1.30.x] [upd: 12.03.18]

  1. Mod 03/2017 … nothing new, same bugs

  2. Great mod!!! Thanks for update! Please make this truck compatibility with ATS.

  3. MissingGhost

    Do we get regular height fifth wheel? Or only high fifth wheel?

  4. RiflerGamer

    Test video:

  5. ChrisKiss82

    No engine Sound after speed up

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