Kraz 255 [1.33] (Update 28.11.18)

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– Buy in Volvo Dealer
– Standalone
– Interior with DLC Cabin support
– Sounds
– Its wheels
– Tuning
– Clean log
– 1000 litre tank
– Engines with torque curves
– Standard and high-speed gearboxes
– Tested 1.32 Game Version

– Minor changes,
– On the chassis of the Truck added a full rack for cables.

Test version 1.32-1.33

koral, cepkoc, _69_mf_ , kv0


10 thoughts on “Kraz 255 [1.33] (Update 28.11.18)

  1. Very well made mod! But in life no one wants to drive this coffin.

    1. MovingTarget

      I *adore* these kind of trucks. 🙂

  2. Somebody please,update this mod,can not remove from the parking brake! :-C
    emove from the parking brake

    1. MovingTarget

      I just used it a few hours ago with no problems.

      1. When I take this truck through the garage or buy a new one, it firmly stands on the handbrake and does not remove it.

        1. MovingTarget

          O_o that is so LAME

  3. Fake uploader!

    1. MovingTarget

      Link to the proper one plz?

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