KrAZ 255-258 (1963-1967) ETS2 v1.41 [New Update]

“KrAZ 255 – 258 for ETS2 version 1.41+”.

KrAZ is autonomous, it does not replace anything, the KRAZ modification is bought in dealers.
The KrAZ-255 truck has 2 6×6 chassis, 2 6×6 tandem chassis.
The KrAZ-258 truck has 2 6×4 chassis.
The default fuel tanks now have from 850 to 1200 liters.
There is a new inventory in the interior + a bonus from STEAM.
Own wheels + added dirty ones.
Added spiral cables with physics.
There is no advanced coupling with standard trailers.

Recent changes for KrAZ:
Now Kraz has its own new camera.:)!
Added a new lighting format for the truck.
Unfortunately, there is no animation of the Windows!? 🙁
Fixed frontal Stella inside interior.:)
Aesthetically superior view of the exterior and interior of the truck.:)
Added 62 rusty skin in HDR format on your choice.:)
Improved lighting of the truck in the middle and far distance.:)
Deleted defect from sunlight that is not reflected on the front mirror.:)
Added support for the interior of a camera for VR glasses – it’s like the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2.:)
Added two types of mods for the steering wheel with the Star of the USSR in the center.:) – install is only 1 mod!!!
Added 6 types of braids for the steering wheel with a choice of icons in the interior.:)
Added 8 types of professional engine sounds in FMOD format-this is
CAT-C15[6NZ],CAT 3406, CAT 3408 [2 type], CUM-NTC, CUM-N14, Detroit Diesel s-60 and the new sound of KrAZ.:)
Added the template to the cab of KrAZ 255-258 to create the skins:)
Added mod support, off-road chassis for trailer SCS Standart BOX:) (Author: Kish88).:):)
All the other mods that I added [MaxX_Agent] can be installed at will.:).:)

[red]ATTENTION: Before you connect this version of the truck, sell all the trucks in the garage
the previous version, since some changes were introduced to the configuration of the wheels or otherwise
possible departure from the game!:( Everything is now fixed in the log and 99.9% clean.:):):)
Adaptation for the new version of ETS2: [orange] – 1.41.x and higher!

It was tested on the ETS2 version: s.

Author: KORAL.
Authors of FMOD Sounds: SerialBlack, XBS and funnyash.
Adaptations and Fixes: MaxX_Agent.
FMOD registration: MaxX_Agent.
New skins: MaxX_Agent.

KORAL, Kish88, SerialBlack, XBS, MaxX_AGENT and more other


5 thoughts on “KrAZ 255-258 (1963-1967) ETS2 v1.41 [New Update]

  1. It doesnt show up. Not even in mod dealer.
    There is a lot of .scs files in the download, what and how to install?
    What am I doing wrong?

  2. Jak Miller

    Great mod, unfortunately crashes in mod dealer in 1.42, be great to see this updated

  3. papo papo

    I have problem kraz is good working but steering wheel have no animation when i turn left or right

    1. same here, this also happened to a couple of my other truck mods too. (ETS 1.43)

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