Kraz 255 – 260

kraz-255-260-1 kraz-255-260-2 kraz-255-260-3

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Adapted version : 1.25.x
Sold in auto shops: Volvo.
Errors fixed.
Attached tandem box “Magnet” and the fuel tank.
The cab bolted to the frame and not sway.
Chassis: 6×6, 6×6 tandem.
Off-road trailers tandem for the Harsh Russia. (For other maps prescribe for yourself!)

Koral, _69_mf_

DOWNLOAD 375 MB [Sharemods]

4 thoughts on “Kraz 255 – 260

  1. Mike Young

    I love these big tires, but do they actually give better traction in dirt/snow?

  2. Mike Young

    Is there a way to get this to attach to a trailer? Fifth wheel is too high!

  3. GamerLionfish

    Does this mod work on 1.26?

  4. GamerLionfish

    I really want this mod to be updated to 1.27.X. Please do so. Don’t forget to fix the light bugs back lights on the tandem version of the Kr.A.Z. 255 cabin/truck.

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