Kraz 255 Modernization

Kraz-255-1 Kraz-255-2 Kraz-255-3

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– Added a tandem chassis.
– DLC Support “Accessories in the cockpit”
It requires the DLC “Accessories in the cockpit”
Tandem trailers for the harsh Russian.

Modernization and correction of groningen263
– Added 3 powerful engine for “severe Russia”:
* 1360hp
* 1500hp
* 2000hp
– Added five-speed transaxle.
– Replaced the sound of the horn on the key “H”, the sound of the locomotive.
– Added two skins to the truck KrAZ-255 “Red Alert” to enter the Russian numbers (Connect to the manager one of the skins):
* Skin “Revolution”
* Skin “retro”
– Added wide off-road wheels from DAF Crawler
– Fixed Model KrAZ-255, added the missing files – mat.
– Partially corrected tandem trailers (Connect Manager in one of the files – scs).

Wheels and skins, plug in the manager above KrAZ-255.

The authors of the model and rework: Koral, _69_mf_ Author skins: ThePLIJOK DAF Crawler: mogome A five-speed gearshift: Stewen Modernization and correction. Engines, Gearbox, Sound locomotive wheels, Manifesta: groningen263

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4 thoughts on “Kraz 255 Modernization

  1. Хакер

    Звук это пизде(!) на долгом расстояний мозг выкипит…

  2. “уважаемые” криворукие передельщики, вы БЛЯТЬ.. хоть один нормальный лаптёжник с нормальным звуком когда нибудь сделаете? или блять кишка ещё не выросла..

  3. Harry Hirsch

    Für Trailer gefixt, dass dieser nicht mehr schräg hinter dem Kraz hängt ? Sah nicht gut aus!
    For Trailer fixed, that it no longer depends obliquely behind the Kraz? Looked not good!

  4. works on 1.24 ??

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