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Fully independent model. Purchased Volvo dealership. Has your vehicle, your wheels, your sounds.

Version: 1.16 s



27 Responses to KRAZ-255

  1. GSP says:

    Fantastic mod. Thank you, Koral.

  2. GSP says:

    Anybody know what the different interior variants are for besides a difference in steering wheel textures?

  3. Gabriel says:

    Fantastic Mod!Koral please make more trilers for this beast,normal trailers is to small for him!

  4. Барс says:

    Поправте мод мод…. Первые несколько минут идёт нормально. Пытаешся выбрать краску и отделку интерьера и всё появляются иероглифы.

  5. Барс says:

    Вот такая ерунда начинается с игрой….


  6. Koral says:

    Да. Все мои машины самые машинные машины в мире. Я счастлив что вы оценили.

    • goba6372 says:

      твои машины полный отстой как и ты мудак

  7. Ctron- says:

    Great looking truck! But its engine sounds are really bad…sorry, can not use trucks with bad engine sounds, please try and get/make better sounds from youtube recording or some thing 🙂

  8. Arik says:

    Can not pickup most trailers. Your nice beast ist a little to high for most of them.
    I like your truck very muchh, plz change it, thx.
    Translation with google:
    Не может пикап большинство прицепов. Ваш славный зверь ист немного высока для большинства из них.
    Мне нравится ваш грузовик очень много, пожалуйста, измените его, THX.

  9. jake says:

    pls let us know about password because we can not use the template in your mod file

  10. Ridianod says:


  11. lambo603 says:

    The file is corrupted

  12. muppet says:

    What a monster! Nice control and outstanding design.

  13. aventador says:

    можешь зделать Урал-4320? потомучто нормального урала здесь просто нету !

  14. muppet says:

    It has the best acceleration of the game with 420hp ! Is it balanced? I can get easly 120km.The sound i think could be better, more clear like this

  15. Theosz says:

    TYVM, Koral

    I have these issues in v1.16.2s. Could u fix?

    00:01:59.602 : Chassis reused with different wheel size setup: /vehicle/truck/kraz255/truck.pmd
    00:01:59.602 : Front wheel sizes, old [0.615, 0.615] versus new [0.566, 0.566].
    00:01:59.602 : Rear wheel sizes, old [0.615, 0.615, 0.615, 0.615] versus new [0.615, 0.615, 0.615, 0.615].
    00:02:02.353 : Chassis reused with different wheel size setup: /vehicle/truck/kraz255/truck.pmd
    00:02:02.353 : Front wheel sizes, old [0.566, 0.566] versus new [0.615, 0.615].
    00:02:02.353 : Rear wheel sizes, old [0.615, 0.615, 0.615, 0.615] versus new [0.615, 0.615, 0.615, 0.615].

  16. lambo603 says:

    Don’t work the file is corrupted

  17. harpia says:

    Bom trabalho Koral, obrigado por disponibilizar!:))

  18. Lincolnimp says:

    can you please organise the chassis so as to pick up trailers I have tried 3 so far with no joy otherwise a fantastic truck

  19. unverbindlich says:

    The truck looks nice. But the sound is very ####, like in the most russian truckmods. A realy kraz 255 sounding much better. You can listen here:

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