Kraz 260 [1.31.x] (upd 19.05.18)

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Fully independent model. Purchased at the Volvo 5 slot. It has its own tuning, its wheels, its own sounds, its own salon.

Changes in the update 19.05.18:

– Fixed height of dummies hitch near saddle.
– Adapted to patch ETS 1.31.x. There is no compatibility with the old versions of ETS, use the previous version of the mod.
– Added spiral physical cables to the tractor chassis.
– Minor improvements.

Revision and adaptation to patch 1.31.x: kv0

koral, _69_mf_, Анатолий7469, Bo Ezduk, cepkoc, kv0


4 Responses to Kraz 260 [1.31.x] (upd 19.05.18)

  1. TomDooley says:

    Stolen mod and re-uploaded by Visitor. Absolutely NO changes made to this mod.

    In addition, and I’m gonna get snippy about it, the KRaZ truck is far too high for it to be able to haul any types of cargo because of its intended use for off-roading. It does NOT bode well on the road unless modifications are done, in which the truck itself has yet to be done.

    A waste of time and effort, especially when Visitor is THAT desperate for pocket change.

    • zuputo says:

      Alter Vollspasst scheiß Mod Fake alte datei und gestohlen auch noch du Pisser

  2. Bodyguardxp says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 ?? ►► KRAZ 260

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