Kraz Beta Version


Standlone truck, with interior, anims.
Tested on

NEVUSER, Ant457.


14 Responses to Kraz Beta Version

  1. upiter says:

    Зачем выкладывать полуфабрикат? Доведите до ума и уберите ошибки.

    The point of putting prefabricated? Bring to mind and remove errors.

  2. thomas says:

    quelle est le code svp

  3. thomas says:


  4. Tech-E says:

    Site francophone, parle en anglais !!!!!


  5. DrunkDriver says:

    Finally one legendary Russian truck in ETS 2.
    Too bad it`s not old model 255 or 256,but it looks nice.Previous ETS,years ago had wide range of Russian
    trucks,so I hope ETS 2 will keep this tradition.
    Keep up the good work,my Orthodox brothers.
    Best regards from DrunkDriver

    • Delta_880 says:

      Ain’t the Ural a “legendary Russian truck” that is in ETS 2 (from mods of course)

  6. thomas says:

    what is the code please

  7. @dr_jaymz says:

    nice exterior model but the interior is not working for me, its showing the scania interior with no steering wheel and other big bugs…

  8. Johnny Trucker says:

    Wont work for me, its just blank when i go to SCANIA dealer

  9. mankata78 says:

    Kod Winzip ???!!!????

  10. keyvan says:

    what is the zip file code?

  11. Threassaw says:

    how can you be so ###### and add a password

    and then also pack as a zip that goes not at all. but I would like to repackage but the type has a password on it so made​​.

  12. steve says:

    a real touch of genius there, adding a pasword to zip file… ?????

    • Nicolai Orlov says:

      Just put zip into the mods folder, thats all. Game can recognize mods in zip format.

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