Kriistof From Netherlands N°16

Tested on 1.40


For Renault T by SCS

Compatible Light Improvements by Gloover

– All Cabins
– All Chassis

Compatible Truck Accessory Pack by IJS

Drive Safe



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8 thoughts on “Kriistof From Netherlands N°16

  1. Welcome back, maybe you missed my comments? joke.
    I have updated to v 1.38 DLC krone AI-traffic (🤭 edition only for Kriistof) and it works perfectly also on v 1.40, but you should update it too
    for other friends! what do you think about it?
    You are free not to answer.

    1. Kriistof

      Hi ZOZO, indeed I did not see your comment, I do not know how to update the traffic mod and mdmodding does not have time to do it to me, if you can contact me on scs forum ? thanks

      1. I can only write here, I hope you don’t make fun of me. I am not a modder but I will make a little video for you. If you want to test or look at the files .def to edit (it takes longer to explain that you have to do a few very simple steps) at the top right look for Krone Ceroni

        1. Quick and poor quality tutorial, you can rest assured I used Krone_traffic_and_job_market.
          Maybe you already know it is possible to combine them even you have trucks in traffic with MS2 (Tutorial, Truck and Trailer AI Traffic with Modstudio2) you can always find it here, I don’t take credits from dawnloads.
          Let me know, if everything works out then I’ll ask you for help with a trailer. CiaoZ

          1. Kriistof

            oh tanks zozo , i see this and understand problem . thanks you ? if i reddit and share it in my pack Krone , no problem ? i ad you in credit of course .

        2. Kriistof

          I’m just lost in my def, I can’t update it, so no I’m not kidding you;). So I want to see this

          1. You are free to do whatever you think there is no problem, my name is not important.
            This configuration is good for all MDModding packages or trailers of other authors, I’ll give you an example in the schmitz cargobull
            the cargo folder contains only the folder with the name of the cargo you have to rename the file inside (xxxxxx.SUI)
            °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°°°°°
            I have only one problem I could not create a chromed menci with decals to put in traffic, I have done it again 50 times
            but when I add the front – rear decals it always shows translait. Menci colored everything ok.
            If you need to write here I will check for a few weeks

  2. In the video I only edited a few files as an example, you will need to edit all your krone DLC files for each individual trailer.
    If you want to do a quick test: make a copy of your mod delete all your skins files and add all the Ceroni trailer files.
    I am sure you will have no problems, otherwise I will try to help you in my possibilities.
    Buona notte e buon lavoro🛠

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