Kriistof Full Fr for Chereau V0.6

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Version 0.6 for Chereau V2 by MDModding

30 Skins Full Real FR Company
29 Skins trucks Real FR
18 New Cargos and all cargos scs fridge and cooliner

-Correction somes skins
-1 Combo trailer + skin Renault Premium
-2 Skins Trailer

1- DL and Install Base Mod here
2-DL and install My Pack V0.4
And DRIVE !!!

Description Txt
Trailers Standalone and AI Traffic

Work perfect with my all Pack
Work Perfect With Jazycat Pack

Tested on 1.27 with Italy map and all DLC

Respect My work don’t reoplad!!! Thanks
Respect my work , please don’t copy !!! Thanks

Thanks for error log Report

!Drive Safe!

Skins: Kriistof Trailer: MDModding


26 thoughts on “Kriistof Full Fr for Chereau V0.6

  1. This Mod is not good . Crashes the game every 100-200 km. I use chcreau Custom, and this mod and real company mod and crash !!! Still crash game

    1. no crash , look your log

      1. You must Use CHEREAU CUSTOM V2 not V1 thanks !!! my mod work perfect or give your log error. Please Stop your rage if You do not know how to manage your mods Thanks 😉

    2. yes! me too crash game!

      1. Sorry i don’t why if you don’t give your log

  2. breizhdave

    Hello how to have more often delivery with chereau custom V2 because malgrés mod activated in priority high I have no mission with it, even choosing a mission with a refrigerated trailer I can not choose to chrore

    Thank you

    1. I have chereau custom V2 Priority of my pack. Active only pack chereau and my pack for test.
      You have all dlc map ?

  3. Thank you for this nice Mod Kriistof 🙂
    No Game Crash all fine – like the FM Skin – this are my initials – great!

    1. Ahahah!
      Thank you for your thanks
      I was afraid that there is a real problem on my mod but no ,i test i test and my log is clean .
      Drive safe !!!

  4. Super boulot !
    ça serait cool d’inclure l’entreprise J.H Mesguen et Staf dans ton pack ! 🙂

    1. Merci , pourquoi pas je cherche toutes les idées en Fr

  5. I must unzip Chereau V2 or only copy to the mod folder ?

    1. you unzip chereau v2 and take only [trailer 1.27]

  6. Francesco

    Congratulations as always with the excellent job Kriis 🙂

    1. Thanks 😉

  7. breizhdave

    Hello Kriis thank you for your answer but it is not your mod that is involved, when I just use chereau custom V2 I see virtually none of its trailers in the game even in freight offer

    1. You can delete cargo from chereauV2 in def / cargo, it can help

  8. WaterCooler

    Братцы залейти еще на одно зеркало не могу скачать сайт блокирован… Фиг знает почему(… если не сложно…

    1. Я стараюсь делать иначе

  9. On my ETS2 work’s fine no crashing, i still use mod’s from 1.26 i drive over 2000-3000k kilometer’s with Cherau V2+Kriistof pack total mod using 19.7gb include ProMods map, and tuning part’s for scania RJL 1.27 and some part’s from 1.26 becuse only way is Dutch style. > > > > > > > > > > List of mods that i use.
    Special for Consol screamer’s i use consol for only time chanage and teleport to outher town’s, errors in console i don’t care about XDD

    1. Thanks for this.
      Me too I use many many many mod…
      0 Errors in console… I like this.
      I work my pack for integrate many trailer fr company .
      I think integrate a belgium trailer after.

      sorry for my bad english

  10. Unfortunately still crashes game with your pack :(( My game log is here

    Thanks for help…

  11. Le lien est mort / Link Dead

  12. le simu wallon

    Salut le lien n’est plus valide c’est normal sinon il a l’air cool 😉

  13. tres bon travail belle remorque

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