Kriistof Pack FR Entreprises v 1.02

kriistof-pack-fr-entreprises-1 kriistof-pack-fr-entreprises-2 kriistof-pack-fr-entreprises-3

Préparation DLC Vive la France
Profiliner PEROCHEAU (Trailer + ActrosMP4)
Profiliner DOUMEN-100Th Birthday (Trailer + DAF Euro6)

Profiliner BRANGEON ( Truck Daf XF 50Keda )
Profiliner DARFEUILLE ( Truck Renault Premium )

Trailer Standalone and AI traffic .

Don’t Reupload !!!
Use original link , drive safe ?

Skin: Kriistof -Mod Trailer profiliner: Matdom 1988 Daf XF: 50 Keda


3 thoughts on “Kriistof Pack FR Entreprises v 1.02

  1. eskolaite

    In my mod folder! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Thank you to you, I continue, many others to do 🙂
    Merci à toi, je continue, plein d’autres à faire 😉

    1. Marcelin Pineau

      Salut pourrais tu refaire le lien stp

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