Kriistof Pack Skins For Fuel Cistern by MdModding

Pack 15 Skins
– Standalone
– Ownable Trailer
– Add Company for more Cargo

—- Company —-
-Delcroix Black
-Delcroix White
-BP Ultimate
-Van Opdorp

Download and install Trailer by MdModding

Download and install my pack

And Driiiiive !!!

Thanks do not reupload my pack
Thanks to respect my work

Kriistof MDModding


17 thoughts on “Kriistof Pack Skins For Fuel Cistern by MdModding

  1. salut
    possible d’avoir une template? a défaut d’avoir mot de passe pour faire mes skins de mes remorques ? dans mon jeu?
    [email protected]

  2. Nice looking skins !

  3. Joker9042

    please make skin of OKKO (ukrainen company)

    1. If you have a screen 😉

      1. Joker9042

        off course, in this link there are 5 photos
        thank you in advance

      2. Joker9042

        off course, send me your email please

        1. Ok thanks , and write me on Tipeee 😉

  4. It needs a password to extract

  5. sakis team

    An export password is required

  6. only install .zip in mod folder

  7. thx for your work

  8. Giel Van Den Tillart

    Can you look at the last video of your youtube channel? I comment with a question.

  9. Giel Van Den Tillart

    Sorry for the many comments.
    Something goes wrong, I think.

    Maybe we can contact on e-mail?
    That’s lot eassier.

  10. Hi Kriistof,
    Can you make a skin for me texaco trailer sitra trailer.

    1. Hi Kriistof,
      Can you make a skin for me texaco en sitra

  11. Glenn Wellstead

    link to file download on your site fails (file not found)!

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