Kron Ring Test Track v 1.2

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Test track for performance tests and to tweak physics parameters.
The track is located between Linz and Wien.

Contains the following features:

Two multi-lane skidpads; one is flat, and the other one has a negative camber. The middle lanes of the pads have a radius of 40m, and can be used for testing rollover limits.

Mountain Roads
Two extreme mountain roads for testing brake fade.
One road is straight, with a decline of nearly 40%, and a length of about 1.5km, the other one is curved, with a decline of 20%, and a length of about 3.5km. This allows bringing up the brakes to extreme temperatures, to test their fading behavior.

Static Tip-Over Bank
A straight bank, at different angles, allows the testing of static tip-over behavior, due to CG position and tire traction.

Brake Measurements
A straight and level braking area, with distance markers to determine brake performance.

Speed Bumps
Multiple speed bumps in a row allow chassis and suspension testing, as well as cargo damage.

High-speed course
A traffic-free track section, with long straights, as well as an exit ramp, allows testing of high-speed maneuvers.

In addition, there is a gas-station nearby, a hotel, a truck dealer and repair shop, and two shipping companies, to pick up trailers from.



5 thoughts on “Kron Ring Test Track v 1.2

  1. Leider unbrauchbar da nicht für Promods
    Reupload uralte mod hier ist der original link

  2. cool and work on my 1.32, but crash the game when i TP in the garage

  3. my game crashes when i load the mod

  4. KoTe_MypKoTe Amazing mod

  5. Rc Flashlight


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