Krone Air Cargo Trailer v 1.22.4

Krone-Air-Cargo-1 Krone-Air-Cargo-2 Krone-Air-Cargo-3

Trailer Krone Jumbo 4 Axes Air Cargo Trailer

Authors: Mod creator: Roadunter – Mod reworked: H.Trucker – Mod Skin Trailers: lordmodets2


15 Responses to Krone Air Cargo Trailer v 1.22.4

  1. GTHusky says:

    Man; this are pretty good! I’ll give them a try. The game needs more mods like this one. Usually it’s just skins for the vanilla trailers.

  2. ntrolas says:


  3. Vader says:

    standalone? AI trafik?

  4. christophe says:

    magnifique grand merci

  5. FatLizard says:

    Amazing Trailer Mod !!! Thanks … 🙂

    Is it possible to have the Templates ? … I would like to skin one with my virtual transport company. Thanks again … a really good work.

    • Vader says:

      But this is not necessary. There is no password. You can change the DDS file with the help of Fotosshop.

    • lordmodets2 says:

      Vader is right, I edited the very DDS original mod my mod is not blocked.
      PS. also like the Jethro Tull.

      • FatLizard says:

        Thanks for both your replays but I asked for the Template ’cause since the last game update ( when I’m trying to change simply the .dds file I get an error in visualization during the game session ( trailers are shown correct in trailer browser )… don’t ask me why … 🙁 .
        Anyway I renew my “Thanks again … a really good work” … 🙂

        PS: I always use Photoshop for changing .dds file and save it as original (DXT5 … etc etc)

        PPS: Glad that there are still people who remember Jethro Tull … 😀

        • lordmodets2 says:

          I really work on the original dds saved in photoshop and realize the changes, you talk funny this problem happened to me, then I also did the upgrade to 1.22.6s, only in my game were few as the tires of trucks that are generating display problem in the game, also do not know why it will be some bug the last update?

      • Tobias says:

        How i can do a dds file in photoshop when i trying it there came a error message pls help

  6. Vader says:

    Amazing Trailer Mod !!! Thanks!!!

  7. dick says:

    а можете сделать sovtransavto трейлер

  8. a3kp says:

    can you make it compatible for 1.32?

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