Krone Boxcarrier 4 Chassis Variant

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Krone boxing carrier by Xbs Bassis
Crown Slots Zippi
Kommplett tag Trucker-AKS
Reading is important:
You have 4 chassis variants
1x 2 axle for container transport
1x 2 axle for swap body she has 7 freights are with one? to find
1x 3 axle for container transports
1x 3 axle swap body

XBS, SCS, Zippi, Trucker-AKS


11 thoughts on “Krone Boxcarrier 4 Chassis Variant

  1. FOX 1909

    Thank you very much;)

  2. Oliver Kuttnik

    does not run under 1:35. How so?

  3. JoachimK

    Why you write in your Video “1.35&1.36” ?
    NOT compatible with 1.35, Mod is red in the ModManager… ;.)

    1. its working on 1.35 – just edit the def – its so easy but not for the silly joachimK

      1. Mates_97

        But the def have password

      2. how to edit the def?

  4. Hello Dear Tarkan just a question how can you open the def whom it is not okay. It’s so easy as I could not see, help us who it is THANK YOU

  5. Hello Tarkan it is only at 1.36 and the files are protected, you can not open them so what now Trakan.

  6. Says it not compatible with my 1.36

  7. locking the files and not putting 1.35 in the manifest

  8. It’s not compatible whit my 1.36. What can be wrong?

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