Krone container 2x20ft

YouTube preview

-Ownable trailers
-DLC Krone required
-No ai traffic
-Advanced coupling
-Animation brace
-Animation cables
-No accessory options

Template inclus


-SCS Software


10 thoughts on “Krone container 2x20ft

  1. FoxOnTheBox

    HD VIdeo –

    1. Hi, what’s the sound on your Scania? You can give link, if not private.

      1. Please see the youtube video details…..v8 stock sound

        1. Melios; Thanks so much! I wasn’t paying attention.

          1. FoxOnTheBox

            Thanks Ballu 🙂

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video here … Thx a lot for made it !! 😀

  3. Berlin-Trigger

    How to install that? it doesn`t work for me.

  4. Berlin-Trigger

    How to install that? it does not work for me.

    1. Berlin-Trigger; You must have DLC Krone Trailer Pack.

  5. matdom1988

    Tu es bien en version 1.32 du jeu?
    Tu as le DLC Krone?

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