Krone CoolLiner

Krone CoolLiner-1 Krone CoolLiner-2

Krone CoolLiner trailer
Own wheels
Replace Krone Coolliner trailer
Tested in 1.18s

Authors: PiotrMNR, Jurgen


6 Responses to Krone CoolLiner

  1. Adamisch says:

    Is there any template included with it?

  2. Gyt1s says:


  3. Faelandaea says:

    I am not sure what this is supposed to be, but it is not a trailer mod. Upon looking at the mod, there’s a Volvo truck cab in there, randomly, which seems to have no purpose at all in the mod. There are no proper DEF files for this trailer, and the one DEF file that does seem to be included goes to the default Krone trailer with LOD’s, and this model does not have LODs. What this means is that even if this trailer somehow displays properly in the trailer browser, it will still look like a random other Krone as you approach it in game, and you will not see it in jobs unless you somehow aliased this model to LD variants.

    It looks like a good replacement for the default Krone, but as good as the screenshot looks, the trailer’s not even entirely here in the mod. Even Blender says it isn’t there at all for textures, callbacks or anything.

    Author, if you could repack the mod and include all the necessary files so we can paint and use this trailer, that would be awesome. And please leave the Volvo out – it would just override any Volvo mods we have already in game.

  4. texasman says:

    is not working not even alone

  5. matpol98 says:

    Been some crap lately, and this is one of them…

  6. IDM says: – very bad!

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