Krone Coolliner Round Taillights

Krone Coolliner Round Taillights

It has own AO Mapping.
It has own Lightmask.

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Krone Coolliner Yuvarlak Stoplar

Kendine ait AO kaplaması var.
Kendine ait lightmask kaplaması var.

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Metehan BİLAL


8 thoughts on “Krone Coolliner Round Taillights

  1. why zip can not open a zip file this also comes on steam

    1. just put into the modfolder!

    2. Metehan BİLAL

      It’s not all trailer. Just a rear bumper, put it to mod folder enable it in the game go to service and change the rear bumper 🙂

  2. Krone trailer in Steam from SCS + quality official version!

    1. Metehan BİLAL

      It’s not Krone DLC mod. It’s rear bumper mod for Krone DLC!


    Yapmışsın gene yapacağını Meto eline emeğine sağlık çok beğendim valla

  4. Bonjour je vien d’acheter le dlc krone pack sur steam et il dise que ses pas compatible mes j’ai la version 1.32 aider moi

  5. You could add paintable version of that.

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