Krone Coolliner Trailer

Krone-Coolliner-1 Krone-Coolliner-2 Krone-Coolliner-3

– Version: 1.22.x (Tested in all version)
– Replace: Krone Profiliner
– Baked AO
– Lightmask

No pass to winrar!

Enjoy! Use original link to share! Do not reupload!

Author: Vervoort


5 thoughts on “Krone Coolliner Trailer

  1. Link for the truck?

    1. Hello. This is my private volvo 🙂 Maybe in future will be found on download.

      1. Ok, nice trailer. Thank you.

      2. I would very much appreciate it if you release your Volvo in the future.
        It looks very nice, I’m a big Volvo fan and unfortunately you can’t almost find a decent Volvo mod these days.
        Thanks in advance 😉

  2. Wrong video for my trailer.

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