Krone Gigaliner Trailer


Double trailer, large load.
Available in orders of companies

Tested on version 1.25

Danila0990, PG Mods group, regwin


11 Responses to Krone Gigaliner Trailer

  1. losevo58 says:

    Administration site, pay attention to what is not true given the authors!
    Danila0990, PG Mods group, regwin are not the authors of this mod.
    The present author: satan19990

  2. JustinHH01 says:

    Video pls

  3. SlavikSD says:

    between the trailers has a flexible coupling?

    • RagnarModding says:

      I dont think so. Because scs dont give it free.
      It only optical.
      Best regards

  4. AlexCrazy says:

    real author Satan19990, mod from early 2014 with no changes & updates

  5. libherr says:

    прицеп , который за полуприцепом не поворачивает !! как так?

  6. Зори says:

    простите но это бред

  7. Berk says:

    I think it’s so bad. Because behind trailer isn’t working. So i didn’t like this mod. If you make fix u will call me.

  8. denio says:


  9. Shigure89 says:

    Enough of this cosmic crap, please…

  10. TruckerMartin says:

    Yes, the coupling of the second trailer is not working

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