Krone Jumbo Curtainside 4 Chassis Trailers v 3.0

Krone-Jumbo-Curtainside-4-Chassis-Trailers-v-2.1-1 Krone-Jumbo-Curtainside-4-Chassis-Trailers-v-2.1-2

– 10 Skins distributed in all Companies

Authors: MrZer, Roadhunter, ZilpZalp, Ventures


6 Responses to Krone Jumbo Curtainside 4 Chassis Trailers v 3.0

  1. german says:

    where can I find the axor with new reestyling like this in the pictures? thanks 🙂

  2. bogdan_uk says:

    This is a lovely trailer. Great job mate.

  3. scaniadriver says:

    Whats the difference?downloaded vol.2 yesterday.rgb off?!

  4. Ben says:

    Love it. Great mod.
    One thing though, I would like to see what cargo the trailer has got. e.g. car parts, super market stuff and household stuff. then it would be the best trailer mod ever. 🙂

  5. Kie says:

    Thanks for the update, great trailer…
    @Ben, can’t be done as it is but if you go into def/cargo, I edit it to something like “Mixed Freight” so at least it makes a bit more sense…

  6. shash says:

    i think u need to sort this trailer out as the shadow is bad also ive looked into it and u hve for got to put a ui folder ?

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