Krone MegaLiner 2017

– Fixed material errors;
– Defintion errors have been corrected;
– Mod tested on version 1.48.

Purchasable and job market working.
2 versions: 3 and 2 axle.
Custom parts.
3 Number plates(SCS plate, from skin and from texture).
2 side reflective stripes(Yellow and white).
2 rear reflective stripe(Red and yellow).
1 rear reflective banner.
2 types of rear boxes.
2 types of front boxes(Only 1 for 2 axle version).
Saf wheels from abasstreppas with 3 hubs(Red, black and grey).
Custom paintjobs(4 colors).

Sogard3, Oleg Strukov (Comsorg)


5 thoughts on “Krone MegaLiner 2017

  1. La mod non è tua, comunque gli autori sono:
    author: “SCS, axelrol, smyro, R3AP3R, Abasstreppas, vad&k, schwedentrucker_09, Donovan, ReyhanRamadhan, CARL1992 and Eugene, DaviD_SRB, Niepa, Adelin, Hakan, Alexandru_Andrey, ValheinXL, kast, DRON4ik194, ONURKULL, Sogard3”

    1. The information is important, but no one needs it.

      1. Yes, you’re right, it was just a provocation for whoever uploaded the mod, taking a few euro cents with the work of other modders doesn’t seem right to me, for this reason many good modders have stopped sharing their mods.
        I have been following this game for many years (I started with the first ETS)
        on the forums you could download many truck trailer and tuning mods, now you only find car mods that have nothing to do with ETS2. What do you think?

  2. It is a question of respecting the original author. And yet “forget” to include them in the descriptions.
    Zoso is absolutely right, there are too many pirates and thieves who pass off other people’s mods as their own.
    I could name names, but I will spare myself.

    Pages and pages of cars that have nothing to do with a truck simulator. And there are lots of them.
    All these are reasons why we haven’t published anything for a long time.

    All these are reasons why the good modders are gradually withdrawing.

    1. Ciao, Joachimk, how are you? I hope so.
      Nobody cares what I write, but I don’t give up.
      I really hate these car mods but the forum is fine with it.

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