Krone Nascar Jumbo Curtain trailer (Fixed)


Hey all i hve seen tht when this trailer was in game it had a big shadow around it so i hve fixed it as ur see no more error the trailer can be
reskined if wanted
otherwise her is the nascar raceing trailer enjoy
1st pic is ingame
2nd is it trailer menu 🙂

Shash Rage,Roadhunter, ZilpZalp, Ventures and MrZer.


7 thoughts on “Krone Nascar Jumbo Curtain trailer (Fixed)

  1. How do you access the trailer menu?

    1. Do you English?

    2. You have to go to “About” -> “Trailer Browser”

    3. xshashxragex

      when u load game look for about then ur see it

  2. how did I reply to your comment?

    1. shash rage

      just click the reply button

  3. andry radden adiputro

    im riquest trailer nascar from film cars 2 lightning mcqwen please

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