Krone Profi liner – VR Transpoint

Just simple VR Transpoint skin for Krone Profi liner
Tested with Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.40.X

Krone DLC required!

Workshop version here:

M4ketech, SCS


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6 thoughts on “Krone Profi liner – VR Transpoint

  1. What do you hide your great intelligence?
    Modstudio2 is free for everyone, even for people like you.
    The MS2 author will be very happy with your behavior.

  2. I dont understand.

    Yes, i did use Modstudio2, and Photoshop and real life pictures to check where the line goes.


  3. Why did you block the mods?

    1. I did lock the .scs file, since people liked to change credits of our old mods/skins and publish them like they did those.

      1. Dear friend, I am very old in this game and have always contested who blocks mods, and your answer has been heard many times from others as well.
        1- I can unlock any type of locked mod
        2- the software to lock and unlock is very easily found on all the forums and also on this one
        3- whoever wants to steal mods is not here, he has to waste time, he has to write or call.
        Anyway, I really appreciated your education on you
        in your answers.
        I don’t know English, I hope you can understand the meaning of my comments, end of discussion for me.

        1. Yeah, no problem. I know that software is easy to find. I just hate when everyone edits and publish stuff what they did not make.

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