Krone Profiliner 2017 Reworked v 1.0

YouTube preview


-Added high quality wheels texture with NMAP (2048p texture rather than 512p from SCS)
-Added more cargoes
-Added 3 AO backed paintjobs.
-Fist and last axles lift up

Enjoy it!



17 Responses to Krone Profiliner 2017 Reworked v 1.0

  1. Mark says:

    Hi the trailer looks awesome thanks for all your hard work. Are you planning on removing the password so I can mod it with my VTC colours? Thanks again

  2. Mathonner says:

    Is it in traffic ?

  3. Mark.H says:

    Great news about the template thank you very much keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Vlad15 says:

    It is for 1.30 ?

  5. Forester says:

    Can you make it standalone?

  6. Mark.H says:

    I put it in my mod folder and when I got ets2 to review all the trailers it doesn’t appear in there any idea what could be wrong?

  7. Me says:

    By standalone what do you mean? Because right now you don’t see this trailer in the traffic.

  8. Mark says:

    I think what he’s saying when he say’s “can you make it standalone”
    is he wants to mod it with his own paint design.
    Back to my question I don’t see this trailer when I look for it in ets2 in the part where one option is you can mod your truck to see what it would look like. And the second option is you can view all the trailers in game. I don’t see your trailer in there I can see other trailers I’ve modded but not yours.

  9. Mark.H says:

    Hi so I used your template which you posted on another mod site I painted it and saved as a png what do I do with it now. Plus this upload Krone Profiliner 2017 Reworked v 1.0 on this site doesn’t work for me I cannot see it in game. Oh yes and also I do have a legitimate game bought it on Steam. Before anybody asks.

  10. DG22 says:

    Hello, can you add a custom plate number on the trailer?

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