Krone Profiliner and Coolliner Danske Fragtmaend Trailer Skin


Skin for Krone Profi liner and Cool liner. This skin you can found in eurogoodies.
Mod tested and working on v1.16.

If you want have combo, use Truck Skin Pack v1.3



4 thoughts on “Krone Profiliner and Coolliner Danske Fragtmaend Trailer Skin

  1. Satan19990, Truck Skin Pack v1.3 is outdated. have many problems in some paints and have very in mirrors in wrong color. please, fix

    if you can separate the skins to each brand de caminhão it will be cool


  2. No double trailer 🙁

    1. The “double trailer” [called gigaliner] would be pointless anyway cause the game doesnt have the physics engine for it to turn properly.

  3. LazMohawk

    The logo/brand is reveresed on yours. Here’s the right on:

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