Krone Profiliner Ewals Cargo Care Skin


This trailer is NOT from me i only made the skin
hi there people, i hope you like this skin that i made for all of you
it was tested on 1.24 but has sadly no advance coupling i’m sorry
i you want me to make a skin for you guys ask i will do it FOR FREE!
have fun!

regards shairan

skin: shairan subramaniam trailer:Elitesquad Modz, Джо, поляки, SCS, and Playtruckcool


4 Responses to Krone Profiliner Ewals Cargo Care Skin

  1. dune1960 says:

    hello there
    can you make a skin for any truck and a garage with the name
    m.j.e. logistics.
    if you can that would be good thank you.
    you can make the skin any way you can as long as it looks good and I think you can do that very easy by looking at your work.

  2. Shairan says:

    I can do
    Truck and trailer but no garage so if you give me your email…

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