Krone Profiliner Seifert Logistics

Krone trailer with “Seifert Logistics” skin. Original trailer by EdekLS, I just made the skin. Original description:

“It is a semi-trailer Krone Profi Liner with a basket on a pallet
Mod is working on 1.25”

EdekLS, Lanker


6 thoughts on “Krone Profiliner Seifert Logistics

  1. you must be living in the Middle Ages…..1.25 ????

    1. Perché questo commento? da cosa hai capito che è 1.25
      sei sicuro di quello che dici? potresti darmi una spiegazione, grazie.

  2. Krone Profiliner is SCS / MDModding in ETS2Studio…

    1. This is a krone trailer edited by EdekLS
      Does not center anything MDModding

  3. Information about 1.25 is from description from original mod. It is working on 1.27 though.

    1. Lanker, the comment was not for you, but for Luigi
      He has made the witty and is right to answer my questions (maybe he is my connational)

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