Krone Trailer

Krone Trailer

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– Replaces the Cool Liner
– Fully saichen
– A shadow
– All the lights are working
– Written wheel

Game version: 1.20.x

Authors: M.Tomas, PiotrMNR, Jurgen, Vervoort

DOWNLOAD 15 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 15 MB [Uploadfiles]

5 thoughts on “Krone Trailer

  1. smecherul

    How you can get out of your truck ?

  2. Lightmask is wrong, can you fix it ? the rest of Trailer is very good and nice 🙂

  3. Faelandaea

    First step for getting out of a truck is to open the door.

    Very nice trailer. Thanks for the upload. I had to completely remap her to paint it, but detail-wise it is a great trailer 🙂

  4. And in Works Multiplayer?

  5. Cool trailer ! Thanks.
    Lightmask is wrong !!!!

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