Krone Trailer


Fix, update, tested on 1.26
Without Any Bug.

Gile004, Allan


4 thoughts on “Krone Trailer

  1. Old Stuff from May 2015…

    As all the Time, nothing new and like all the Time, no Manifest, etc. 🙁

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      If its work – no problem ?

      You can write a Manifest for your own, if you need it ?

      I make it for private Mod’s too. Easy going.

      1. I don´t like to make Work of Modders.
        And everyday are too much Mods without Manifest, etc.

        All our Mods have Manifest, Image and ReadMe, so why some Peoples don´t respect the new System ???

        Happy New Year, TheGreenlightTrucker. 🙂

  2. ike to talk something about trailers
    Add me please Steam:

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