KTM-Trailer Skin Pack (4 KTM Trailer Skins)

here is KTM skin pack. It contains four trailers. One in orange, one in white, one in orange and the fourth is mix coloured.
Sorry for this mistake, but you can’t see a picture in the mod manager and there is no category chosen, too.
The trailers weight is 25 tons.
I can only share three pictures in the description, so the mix coulored Trailer miss in the Pictures.
Have fun.
PS: One day ago (at the Moment it is 8 o’clock pm as the text was written) i uploaded a KTM MAN Skin which Looks good to the trailers.



3 thoughts on “KTM-Trailer Skin Pack (4 KTM Trailer Skins)

  1. Why you do not merge Trailers and Truck to one Pack ?

  2. muellersbou

    Jetzt muss ich dir echt mal sagen, dass du echt flott bist mit Skinnen Mario.

  3. Hello,

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