LAG FiX Mod 1.40

This mod purpose is to be a leg fix of every low end pc players

This mode suitable for 4GB RAM and 1GB VGA Just like a nvidia gt 630 or higher

Also this config bloom fixed and well edited
You must read the read me Txt to how to install this

Anjani & Rushith


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10 thoughts on “LAG FiX Mod 1.40

  1. Work for online??


  2. Does this make Iberia easier to drive in??, cause i have been there a ton of times but it really messes with my FPS to the point that i dont want to do jobs there anymore. i have an NVIDIA GTX980 and 32GIG RAM.

    1. AvM Transport

      4GB Graphics Card & 32GB RAM? Why?

      1. I have no idea why, it just does. The second i hit the spanish border, it kills my FPS

        1. This mod sorted the issue, along with a little tweak here and there from me. Just went to Barcalona and had no issues at all, so i’m happy once more lol

    2. Unfortunately, iberia is poorly optimized, even on powerful equipment, the FPS drops. greetings

  3. EvgenKo423

    Custom config can’t do significantly more than advanced video settings, just tune games for yourself before playing and don’t use presets. First thing to change is scale.
    The only real lag fix is fast hard drive.

  4. chriscross

    best lag fix dont use mods 🙂

    1. AvM Transport

      That’s not always true.

  5. Guys before everything make a RE clean install of ETS2 for 1.40 or reset the graphics parameters one time, im sure you’ll see things goes better.

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