Lamberet RSJ Trailer


It works on all versions of the game
Replaces almost all of the game trailers

Author: Henry_Leria


2 thoughts on “Lamberet RSJ Trailer

  1. RacingFede

    You did a really good mod, i have tried and it works very good but:
    1 – the trailer, when it is coupled, should be closer to the Scania RJL cabin.
    2 – side lights should be 5 instead of 4.
    To make it perfect:
    1 – can you do a version of this trailer totally white? (like this:—1_big–15113003490185863400.jpg)

  2. RacingFede

    2 – can you add 4 lights in the back of the trailer on the top? (like this:
    Thank You!

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