Lamborghini Huracan 1.35

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Mod Version: 1.35

Credits: Batuhan N, B00STGAMES
1.35 Fix: Samet Arıkan
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Batuhan N, B00STGAMES


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9 thoughts on “Lamborghini Huracan 1.35

  1. In Place of this Waste, you should make Trucks and Trailers for the new Version 1.35 !!!!!
    We don´t need more “Skoda” #### here.

    Bu Atık Yerine, yeni Sürüm 1.35 için Kamyonlar ve Römorklar yapmalısınız !!!!!
    Burada daha fazla “Skoda” Bokuna ihtiyacımız yok.

    1. And you, you should continue your videos of your channel !
      So then, what are you doing the whole time you don’t make videos ?
      No excuses autorized ! So if you aren’t able to do a mod, do not insult people work !
      This person didn’t wrote his name on all publications he done cause the interfaces are CLEARLY the same.
      So go back make videos JoachimK.

  2. afh200316

    Amazing mod, the car loads up and everything in version 1.34 for me however when i go to replace the engine and steering wheel layout e.t.c. it crashes my whole game. any idea on how to fix this or know any good 1.34 lamborghini mods as all the ones i seem to find crash for me.
    thank you ever so much

    1. Andrei Boss

      @afh200316 they dont care about this problem.

  3. Andrei Boss

    Trash… Crash eveytime go delete this mod and delete yourself

  4. TopEngine

    1.35 HD TEST Video:

  5. Batuhan N

    Keşke Betayı değilde v2 yi Güncelleseydin 😀

  6. This mod got me a crash when i try to drive. my version is

  7. theroflow112

    1.36 pls

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