Lamborghini Huracan + Interior v 2.0

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– new sound (~ real sound)
– new transmission (~ rear transmission): 6-speed dual clutch
– 2 engines
* 5.2L Huracan V10 – 572 HP
* 5.2L Huracan V10 – 631 HP

Batuhan N, B00STGAMES Ets 2 World Uyarlama:Ben


9 thoughts on “Lamborghini Huracan + Interior v 2.0

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

  2. Why when I.m in game and i buy car that my kick to desktop?

  3. Bunun interioru ne zaman fixlenecek aynalari calismiyor

  4. KoTe_MypKoTe experimental beta,red log,car is lag and damage

  5. RayFiftyOne

    What a load of ####! Tha last time I heard that engine sound was on my Commodore C64.

  6. bad mod! Processing of mirrors is very complicated!

  7. crashHate

    crash file…

  8. esta bien el mods

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