Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 2017 V1 1.42

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– Custom UI with GPS navigation integrated (unique and the most realistic possible)
– Realistic sound which is a pleasure to the ears
– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
– Can be attached with a compatible trailer (Caravan included as a standard offering)
– Realistic engine & transmission configuration (even the 0-100, 0-200, 0-250 and 0-300 kmph timings are very close compared to the real-life counterpart)
– Very high-quality exterior & interior

Mod is Multiplayer Convoy ready on 1.42 and above

*Also works on 1.40 and 1.41 normally*

*Unlike most of the other mods, this car doesn’t have a blurry windshield where you’d have to change your graphic settings*

*To achieve the top speed, slot the car into the 7th gear*

*NOTE: The UI may bug out sometimes randomly, you may have to restart your game in order to fix it*

Q: Where to purchase it?:
A: Truck Dealers > Access Mod Dealer > Lamborghini

Q: Car is difficult to handle at corners
A: While taking corners, release the accelerator. That’s typical even when you drive a high-powered RWD car in the real-life


DN Modding, Nimit

DOWNLOAD 112 MB [mirror]

25 thoughts on “Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 2017 V1 1.42

  1. I can’t download this mod

    1. What’s the issue?

  2. Passaros No Banheiro

    Excellent quality mod, the only problem is the wheels (there is only one model) and the interior lights, like the one on the steering wheel, other than that, the mod is one of the best I’ve seen, congratulations (I’m Brazilian, i used the translator, and it may contain errors)

  3. Andrei Boss

    Broo…. very good mod ! 10/10

  4. Low cornering stability, but this mode deserve 9.5 / 10, GJ !

  5. ceka se rework volva iz 1.39

  6. FINALLY! thank you, this is awesome

  7. Macximus

    Amazing, we need more accurate sounding cars like this!

  8. gamerbunker

    HD Test ! Super Mod !

  9. please make bmw e46 coupe or toyota land cruiser 100

  10. Slight correction:
    – Car is not compatible with trailers (including caravan) and it’s not available either to purchase in this mod.

  11. Jimmy Kyriakou

    This is an awesome car to drive, at forza horizon or need for speed or other racing game, not euro truck simulator

    1. That’s your opinion, but not of all players that play this game.

      1. Jimmy Kyriakou

        Yes off-course it’s my opinion but I don’t understand why someone adds a mod for a car to euro truck while there are other games to drive cars??
        At euro truck you drive truck, at racing games you drive cars, at fifa you play football, at nba you play basketball e.c. so simple

        1. This is why modifications for each game exists for a reason. It modifies the game in one way or another. Its ofcourse a truck simulator however it doesn’t harm to use cars side-by-side.

          The games you mentioned doesn’t have mod support else you would have probably seen trucks too!

        2. You said it yourself: In racing games cars are driven. But I don’t want to drive cars in racing games. I want to drive cars in a normal driving, transporting people or objects. And there is no simulator to offer this. The fact that ets2 allows to make mod cars greatly enriches the game. If it weren’t for that, many of us wouldn’t have . interest in it. And the developers know it.
          That on the one hand. On the other hand, ets2 is a game that we have bought, and we can complete it if we want and the way we want.
          I hope you can understand something so simple.

          1. idk whats wrong with you

  12. Karlo Marazović

    in newer versions you should add some light on buttons inside on wheel and in middle and some other wheels but the mod is really nice great job!

  13. Александър Белев

    please make Range Rover sv autobiography 2021 please my fav car ever

  14. A very cool mod! Please make a Dacia Duster 2021 with an interior as high quality as the Lamborghini, not like the Touareg interior.

  15. What is the password please?

  16. şifre ne

  17. how can i play convoy multiplayer with my friends with this mod? Because i think i cant

  18. adams2505

    mod incompatible with version any solution?

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