Land Rover Evoque

land rover evoque Ets2
tested on 1.28 & 1.30
real sound
interior with animated HD gauge & wheel
real engine & gearbox function
real car movement physics
AO texture
low poly model (so dont have drop frame on minimal system)



19 Responses to Land Rover Evoque

  1. Danut says:

    Make Range Rover Vogue or Mercedes S Class w221 or w222. Thanks.

  2. ŁukaszTrakeR says:


  3. Automobile Freak YT says:


  4. Automobile Freak YT says:

    It does not work

  5. Register says:

    amir – animal stupid

  6. Krasavik says:

    Hello, I’m searching a guy who makes Opel Mods for Ets 2 1.28.

  7. Lerigo56 says:

    which dealer?

  8. Lerigo56 says:

    or it is for traffic???

  9. Giudi says:

    I have 1.28, the car appears at the dealership but with errors:
    windshield and windows in red.
    Black car with white drawings.

    Fix it please! I love this car.

  10. Kei says:

    my game crashed for…..

  11. 윤치영 says:

    As soon as you push it, you bounce it off immediately.
    Please amend this!

  12. dudek says:

    crash in dealer

  13. tigreone says:


  14. scott gamer says:

    na 1.30 nao fuciona fexa o jogo

  15. tigreone says:

    delete delete

  16. Mr. Tannill says:

    Too much bright pictures, I’m almost blind!1!!11

  17. Obreak says:

    Nice mod, can u made peugeot 207 plz

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