Land Rover Evoque

land rover evoque Ets2
tested on 1.28 & 1.30
real sound
interior with animated HD gauge & wheel
real engine & gearbox function
real car movement physics
AO texture
low poly model (so dont have drop frame on minimal system)



20 thoughts on “Land Rover Evoque

  1. Make Range Rover Vogue or Mercedes S Class w221 or w222. Thanks.

  2. ŁukaszTrakeR


  3. Automobile Freak YT


  4. Automobile Freak YT

    It does not work

  5. fake
    amir – animal ######

  6. Hello, I’m searching a guy who makes Opel Mods for Ets 2 1.28.

  7. which dealer?

  8. or it is for traffic???

  9. I have 1.28, the car appears at the dealership but with errors:
    windshield and windows in red.
    Black car with white drawings.

    Fix it please! I love this car.

  10. my game crashed for…..

  11. 윤치영

    As soon as you push it, you bounce it off immediately.
    Please amend this!

  12. crash in dealer

    1. me too

  13. video?

    1. this car crashed the game, couldn’t even make video

  14. scott gamer

    na 1.30 nao fuciona fexa o jogo

  15. delete delete

  16. Mr. Tannill

    Too much bright pictures, I’m almost blind!1!!11

  17. Nice mod, can u made peugeot 207 plz

  18. faz+esse++carro+para+1.36-1.37,+todos+amam+esse+carro,+pelo+menos+no+brasil.+Sem+contar+que+ele+não+está+funcionando+nas+versões+1.228+e+1.30

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