Lars M Klemmensen Skin Pack

Lars M Klemmensen

Mod tested with 1.3.1 Version


SCS, Hotracer, Ivy07, News
Base model: SCS
Skin volvo: Ivy07
Skin Scania: ivy07
Skin coolliner: Hotracer, Ivy07
Coolliner: News


7 thoughts on “Lars M Klemmensen Skin Pack

  1. Fedt med flere danskere

  2. are the wheels with it 2?

  3. Looks really good, keep it up buddy 🙂

  4. …relly nice work…

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Great job!

    1 constructive comment: the skin on the scania will be better if You put it on a scanis skinned by Per or by me,

    But the skins are super!


    Freddy Jimmink

  6. Amazing skin pack!

    Please updates 1.10.1

  7. OverSpeed RO

    ” Royal Green ” on Volvo , right side is reversed …please fix ! 😀

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