Late Autumn/Early Spring v 2.0


– 55 edited terrain texture
– All trees texture edited, no more leaves
– Edited grasses textures
– No harverstes
– No Haystacks
– Day from 6 to 19:30
– Gloomy climate
– Changes temperatures (1-7 *C)
– Initial adaptation for DLC North

RECOMENDED: Reflections quality to high
RECOMENDED: Vegetation detail to high
RECOMENDED: Don’t use other environment mods (RED etc.)

Author: Ropasiak

DOWNLOAD 38 MB Sharemods
DOWNLOAD 38 MB Uploadfiles

6 thoughts on “Late Autumn/Early Spring v 2.0



  2. Sharp Chronisch


    I read your txt.file and even in the .scs I found the hint on Icemann29 referring stealing your work. I just left a comment on modhoster on Icemanns “Herbstmod” 🙂


  3. Nimeni_Altu

    man, i like your folder in the mod,
    that folder with “THANKS”
    what a stupi people, they steal instead to create a new one, maybe they can make a new one more good but is a shame to steal the hard work of other modders!!!
    thanks for your mod, is AWESOME!!! :)))

  4. Where are the two files (1-7°C and day from 6 to 19.30)??

  5. Nice fine in 1.14! thx!

  6. Thanks 😀 your mod works! But Icemann’s mod doesn’t work for me lol

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