Launcher ETS 2 x64 & x86


This launcher was created by MC Popcorn to be able to open your Euro Truck Simulator 2 without entering the folder directory in it.
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How to install?

After downloading the file, click with the right mouse button hand over the file and check the option: Extract here, then and only inicar the launcher and good game.

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Author: MC PIPOCA – YouTugas


2 Responses to Launcher ETS 2 x64 & x86

  1. Zolee says:

    On Steam click with right mouse button to Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your library. Got to the Properties and click the Set Launch Options. Write -32bit or -64bit to the input line and launch the game. Not need to entering the folder directory.

  2. алексей says:

    я н чего не понял

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