Lautus Graphics and Weather HD v 3.5

Bug Fixed

– Completely new HD road textures
– New types of clear weather
– New sun
– New types of sky and clouds
– Many textures of environment were changed
– The grass was a little bit redone
– The new daylight
– New headlights of traffic
– Improved rain weather
– Drops of rain running down the glass
And much more other little things)
Compatible with ETS2 1.9.X and + Marion Map
In archive you can see a mini surprise.
You should watch video in 2160p. It’s amazing)



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9 thoughts on “Lautus Graphics and Weather HD v 3.5

  1. kann ich nicht aktievieren erscheint nicht bei mods

  2. for ets2 Version 1.9.x ?????
    lol ….

    1. 1.31 habe ich geht des nicht ??

      1. in der Modbeschreibung steht 1.9x , das ist lange lange her ….

  3. Are you from the past? or do you just use Internet explorer 😀

  4. papaghostPT

    anyone tell this guy that ETS 2 is already in version 1.31Maybe he’s living under a rock LOL

  5. It’s a fake or a stolen mod! Lautus Graphics has never had a lay-day for about 2-3 years! Above all, he was already at that time almost 1GB!

  6. BigJhon, you are right. I have the old Version und since it´s coming out,
    there are no Updates.

    Name: hl6bkm
    Uploaded on: 2018-07-17 14:38:56 by sina_th (one of the Thiefs)

    Attention ! Can be a Virus !

    1. I have an old friend who used it in 2014! But since then, there is really better as rendering mod!
      Thank you for reinforcing my apprehension!
      So many thieves since the beginning of the holidays! 🙁

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