Lautus Graphics and Weather v 2.0

Lautus-Graphics-and-Weather-v-2.0-1 Lautus-Graphics-and-Weather-v-2.0-2

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Changes in v 2.0 version:
– Improved colors – more realistic and saturated
– Many new HD textures of asphalt, vegetation, water and so on
– More new types of weather
– New types of fog, clouds, sky
– More realistic day & night
– Renewed bloom and HDR
– Renewed light of lamps in cities, tonnels and highways
– More realistic raindrops
– New sounds of nature
– Chance of morning fog is 45%
– Added new types of trees, flowers, plants
– The grass is thick and high
– New road markings made ​​in HD
– Added some visual effects that make the picture more realistic
– More realistic reflection
– New loading screens

Author: Dastagir


51 thoughts on “Lautus Graphics and Weather v 2.0

  1. Does This Still Need SweetFX

    1. his last mod did so im guessing so buddy

  2. Bonjour,
    Bravo, très réaliste, travail bien fait.
    Quel est le son de Scania SVP?

  3. ####

  4. crash au lancement ne fonctionne pas 🙁

  5. je suis sur 1.9.22, j’ai essayé le mod seul,CRASH!!!!!

  6. version?

    1. It works good on and 1.9.22

  7. Can You Upload To Different Site Like Zippyshare Or Mediafire Or Whatever

  8. Psycho Yuri

    Another download link would be nice because with that website it will take 6 hours + to download

  9. wibblyteapot

    Sorry to say, Euro Truck 2 crashes with this
    I have disabled all other mods, just this one enabled
    I was using the previous version, working fine
    Looking forward to this update, but wanted to let you know

    1. I fix some bugs and it works on 1.9.22. You can download here

  10. Rodgeydodge

    Found it on another site super fast download just google the title…hope I am allowed to say tht here downloaded in 2 mmins

  11. It seems you are also changing alot with each update…

    Too much changes for my taste…like streetlights, sounds and roadtextures?

    Im sticking with version 1, that one is jus great.

    I really hope you won’t go “brutal” with this mod.

    Sure, I will try out this version.

    Thanks for sharing

  12. laurentiu824

    ca you pls change the download link?its downloading in 12 hours wich im not going to wait for it,and i think im not alone with this opinion,thanks

  13. darex2521

    Hello, is to patch 1.9.20 will work?

    1. On 1.9.22 it works good

  14. TRINIDAD34

    Please give us another link !!!!

    1. ….Loaded on Zippyshare….

  15. laurentiu824

    okay,if is loaded on Zippyshare…. can you give us a link too?

  16. laurentiu824

    thankyou dastagir 🙂 i will try it in 1 min 🙂

  17. Also you can see picture with this mod here.[email protected]/

    1. Nice pictures !! Your Volvo FH16 is privat ?

    2. laurentiu824

      very good job dastagir,i try it on day and night too,beautiful all i can say,1 problem maybe just mine 🙂 are the lights,blinker,fog lights,brake lights are not so clear,but if you could do with the ligths something like this ,i would say is the best graphic mod 🙂

  18. Hey Mister Dastagir , Just to tell you that you did a really good job , very nice !!! Congratulations , keep going my friend !

    But why in the first link the file was more than 340Mo and with the new link it is only 119 Mo ?? lol

    Greetings from France !

    1. Hello) Thanks for your comment!))In the first link not working mod(((( Dut in the second link – sharemods I fix buges and size is 119 + I archive mod in rar and size has become even less. Sorry for my English.
      Greetings from Ukraine

      1. laurentiu824

        Dastagir,in my game with your SweetFX and this mod is a little to white,can you help me with that?what do i mis?where should i try to setup in SweetFX?

        1. Can you make screenshot? But use Bandicam or Fraps. F10 doesn’t show effect.

          1. hmm … strange … I configurated bloom… Try this, in the graphics settings disconnect color correction and hdr. if does not help, download this mod and put in the bottom of the list

          2. laurentiu824

            you are the best :)i let all how it was and i just the low bloom,and its fixed,now no strong white,thankyou again Dastagir 🙂
            you do a great job

  19. Rajan Palaniya

    my game is crashing all the time. on 1.9.22 i promodv160 though. i tried everything but no luck.

    1. I fix some bugs and it works on 1.9.22. You can download here

      1. Great, i will try it out too but after i brought my kid to bed and rolled up a big blunt accompanied with some dutch coffee.

        I was a bit critical about this update..but having played the first version of this mod i think its going to be beautiful.

        Thank for sharing.

  20. Stunning mod! Thank you!

  21. Sorry but this mod does not work…

  22. ce mod dechire viement la version 3.0 encore mieux =)

  23. Doesn’t work for me… version 1.9.22
    Seems like a good mod.

  24. Ou je peut avoir le son du scania ?

  25. Nemo87 : t’es mignon mon pépère mais ici tu vois c’est un forum lithuanien donc le français on s’en branle un peu les roustons !! Donc si tu veux une réponse parle en anglais …

    Mais comme je suis décidé à t’aider : le son du scania est sur ce site dans la section son … tu farfouilles et tu le trouves il est de février 2014 ça t’aidera à le trouver… désolé pour mon français si tu ne le comprend pas , je débute dans cette langue !

  26. darex2521

    Super , dzięki .

  27. YusupMansor

    not working for me…
    i use 1.9.22s please how to make work?

  28. I have 1.9.22 and it works fine. Try to download again

  29. Will you release a version that will actually work with TSM 4,7 on a 1.9.22?

    1. Hello) I dont have enough time… Does it not work on the TSM 4.7? On Mario map it works great. I think that the next version will support tsm 4.7

  30. Just ignore my last comment Dastagir i figured it out and it now works with my TSM 4.7. Thank you for this awesome mod 😉

  31. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    whats the point of this if you BLOCK the mod??? ….my game crush because i use differents mods! …..i better pee on your mod then give up to my mods…….anyway, you dont get any money from this,

    its a PIECE OF #### this mod with PASSWORD!!!!

    let it free and a lot of people will play nice

    1. Hi Dastagir.

      Could you provide the password please mod, thanks.

  32. Hi Dastagir,

    I have a problem with Lautus Graphics, I tried both version and it is the same. In the log file, it give me this: [zipfs] Cannot find the zip_central_dir_end signature in ‘C:/Users/Bernard/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/ЯяяLautusGraphics.scs’.
    Mount failed: C:/Users/Bernard/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/ЯяяLautusGraphics.scs

    It seems that I am not the only one… kris wrote the same and never had a reply.

    I love your sweet FX and would realy like to complement it with your graphics.

    Would you please help us ?

    Thanks in advance,


  33. is the trailer private 😉

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